Name: Ivan Baisi
Role: Software Developer / Czech Black Beer Enthusiast


What do you do at BBTV and what projects are you working on currently?
I’m a Back-end Software Developer and I’m focused mainly on two things: One, writing services accessed through APIs to support our new products, and two, implementing the algorithms that our Research team develops in order to get suitable response times for users. At the moment I’m working on a project for our VISO technology suite, and the implementation of algorithms for our content optimization and audience development tool, VISO Catalyst for Chrome, in Arabic.  

Describe a day in the life at BBTV in 3 words.
Fun, collaborative, and innovative!

What has been your most memorable moment so far?
Seeing a dinosaur riding a hoverboard around the office for Halloween.

What are you passionate about (outside of work)?
Soccer, music and economics. I play soccer a couple of times a week, I like playing the guitar, and I love reading and learning about the political economy.

Who is your favourite BBTV YouTube partner and why?
I would have to say you can’t beat Rob Greenfield and his environmental crusading. Very inspiring!

What does #BBTVLife mean to you?
The community created within BBTV which is comprised of kind and fun people who are passionate about the company’s core values of Care, Creativity, Drive, and Collaboration!


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BBTV Employee Spotlight: Research & Development’s Ivan Baisi

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