ChloeName: Chloe Morris
Role: Talent Partnership Manager / Quarter Pounder Queen

What do you do at BBTV and what projects are you working on currently?
I am a Talent Partnership Manager in Content Acquisition. My current projects revolve around growing our domestic CA team to keep up with our ever-expanding network.

Describe a day in the life at BBTV in 3 words.
YouTube. YouTube. YouTube.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?
When it was announced that BBTV became the 3rd largest video property behind Google and Facebook. As a Vancouverite, it was a proud moment to see a local Vancouver tech company named alongside multinational corporations, and to be a part of the team that contributed to this achievement.

What are you passionate about (outside of work)?
Running. I am currently training for my third half-marathon. I wouldn’t say I am passionate about it, but it does consume a lot of my time.

Who is your favorite BBTV YouTube partner and why?
This is a loaded question, as I am sure we have a lot of BBTV YouTube partners currently reading this Q&A. I have a lot of admiration for our partner, Landon Productions. I have had the opportunity to meet him and get insight into his creative processes and witness his remarkable work ethic first hand. With over one billion YouTube views, Landon is a perfect example of turning your passion into your career.

What does #BBTVLife mean to you?
Embodying BBTV’s core values of Care, Creativity, Drive, and Collaboration inside and outside the office. #BBTVLife is about constantly adapting to change and aiming to thrive after every pivot.


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BBTV Employee Spotlight: Chloe Morris

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