E3 2015 has come to a close this year after a whirlwind three days full of massive announcements, huge reveals, and our first glimpse of the latest tech advancements set to revolutionize gaming as we know it!

Thousands upon thousands came out in throngs while countless more tuned in to the live-stream throughout the convention to watch as the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft show off what’s ahead in the gamer-verse. This year’s conference was without doubt not one to miss…and luckily we didn’t!

A few of BBTV’s finest headed south to the LA Convention Centre to join the thick of the action, and we weren’t alone. Among the BBTV Creators at E3 were some of YouTube’s top gamers: OMGItsfirefoxx, Fernanfloo, Bajheerawow, TypicalGamer, GuudeBoulderfist, NukemDukem, GameXplain, whogotbeef2, TheMasterOv, GoldGloveTV, xRpMx13, KYRSP33DY, NobodyEpic, Jahovaswitniss and Mantrousse!

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Throughout the week, the crew got the chance to take in events from XBOX, Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Nintendo and many, many more. There were a ton of awesome new game announcements made during E3 and NukemDukem made sure you all got the exclusive first look. He’s uploaded a pretty comprehensive list of brand new games over on his channel – www.youtube.com/NukemDukem 


Now, unless you have been living under a rock, you know all about the very exciting Microsoft announcement! They have teamed up with Mojang to develop ‘Minecraft for Microsoft’s HoloLens’, a Minecraft game using an augmented reality headset! Guude from the Mindcrack team got to interview a Microsoft Studio executive and find out more about their exciting development!


More Candid Moments from E3

OMGItsfirefoxx and NukemDukem both got a picture with Vault Boy at the Bethesda announcement of Fallout 4!

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Fernanfloo and Bajheerawow met up with TGN’s Oscar at E3!


TypicalGamer got to live stream at the YouTube Live E3 event and played Tower Fall against HikeTheGamer!


And Bajheerawow enjoyed the epic photo booth at the Dark Souls III booth!

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We hope you had as much fun at E3 as we did, and shout out to all the BBTV Creators who joined us at the event! See you next year!

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Join BBTV 300x61 BBTV at E3!

BBTV at E3!

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