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The holiday season is finally upon us, can you feel it in the air?

While it may be the most magical time of the of year, it can also be the busiest. So if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a bind for time, and still trying to tick off all the names of your holiday gift list, we’ve got the perfect answer for you – just YouTube it!

YouTube is already the source for your survival this season, with tutorials covering everything from how-to wrap the perfect present, to how-to tie a bow-tie that’ll have you looking extra sharp at the company holiday party. But, thanks to some extra talented creators online, it’s also now the spot for last minute DIY gift solutions.

A great resource for anyone looking to give something special to a special lady this holiday is BBTV’s very own partner Ela Gale and her channel full of DIY solutions for just about everything!

Her homemade gifts are perfect for any female – whether it’s your mother, sister, friend, or girlfriend – and you can theme them to whatever personalized taste you desire.

In this tutorial she shows you how to create a rose scented tea cup candle, rose petal locket lip balm, and rose-infused body scrub in a mini mason jar! So simple, so thoughtful and so perfect!

Check out her channel for even more simple, affordable, and gorgeous ideas!

Happy Holidays!

BBTV Creator Spotlight: Last Minute DIY Holiday Ideas

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