Hey Creators! We want to make sure you’re all aware of what to be looking for when it comes to avoiding getting your YouTube channel hacked! This post is coming straight from reports we’ve recently received from our partner community regarding phishing emails (see screenshot above)! Looks like hackers are trying to get access into your YouTube accounts through messages masked as coming from YouTube! This might ask you to update your account information – whatever you do don’t reply or click on the link. If you’re not sure if the email is legitimate or not, forward it to our Support team!

So what is phishing? 

A phishing message essentially tries to trick you into revealing personal information by appearing to be from a legitimate source, even Google.

How To React: 

If you receive a message that seems suspicious, don’t provide the information requested.

Here are some helpful hints of what to be on the look out for:

  • Pay close attention to the sign-in screen. Only sign in to your account when you are certain you are visiting the real site directly. Check the internet address to be sure.
  • Be wary of any message that asks for your personal information. If you receive this type of message, especially from a source claiming to be Google, do not provide the information requested. Google will never send unsolicited messages asking for your password or personal information, like the following:
    • Usernames and passwords
    • Social Security numbers
    • Bank account numbers
    • PIN Codes
    • Full Credit Card Numbers
    • Information revealing your security questions

When you see a phishing email, never reply or fill out the forms or sign-in screens in the link. Gmail allows you to report phishing by clicking the drop-down arrow next to “Reply” and selecting “Report phishing”.

If you have any more questions regarding ways you can protect yourself and your channels from scams and hacking, please contact us at support@bbtv.com.


BBTV Creators – Avoid Having Your YouTube Channel Hacked By Phishing Emails

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