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iHollywoodTV hosted by Noah Wilson is the go-to source for celebrity news, pop culture, red carpet premieres, behind the scenes, and star studded celebrity interviews! iHollywoodTV recently partnered with INDISTRY to launch a brand new ‘Celebrity Reel Channel’ with Noah as its newest millennial entertainment authority.  As the host, he will bring a fresh perspective […]


  March has been a great month and BBTV is so thankful to have SO many amazing, inspiring and talented female creators! All our female creators are making history! Our final spotlight is shining bright on gamer extraordinaire – 2MGoverCsquared! Ally, also known by her fans as Gover, runs successful YouTube and Twitch channels, streaming to […]


March is Women’s History Month and we’re putting a spotlight on some of the #BBTVfam’s most outstanding female creators! Today’s spotlight is on Arielle Scarcella! Arielle is using her YouTube channel to educate, inform and start conversations about all things LGBTQ! Literally all things! She leaves no stone unturned! From dating, gender, love, sex, relationships […]


 Today’s #BBTVfam Women’s History Month spotlight is shining bright on a brand new star – Sapphire! At only 15 years old, Sapphire is capturing hearts with her stunning voice! Between live performances, touring and bringing her singing talents to YouTube, the world is Sapphire’s oyster and she is showing everyone the power of reaching for […]


March is Women’s History Month and we want to shine the spotlight on two women who are making history! Bria & Chrissy use their YouTube channel to promote LGBTQ rights and bring awareness to social issues close to their heart! This power couple or ‘Lesbian Duo’ as they call themselves, use their amazing singing voices and […]


BBTV is headed to PAX East 2016 and wants to bring you an exclusive behind the scenes of one of the biggest gaming conventions in North America! Ever wonder what your fav gamers like AbdallahSmash026, 2MGoverCsquared, JT Machinima, TrumpSC, Drift0r, GameXplain, EWNetwork, fourzer0seven, Typical Gamer and xRpMx13 do at gaming conventions? Now is your chance to find […]