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At BBTV we’re passionate about two things: online video and helping content creators thrive!

We operate the 3rd largest video property worldwide, with a community of over 85,000 partners showcasing their passions across a huge range of genres – from gaming, music, entertainment, and lifestyle, to sports, kids & family, and news. We operate some of the biggest media brands across YouTube including: TGN, the most engaged network for gamers online; HooplaKidz, the leading kids and family network; Outspeak, the next generation citizen journalism network launched in partnership with The Huffington Post; WIMSIC, the number one electronic dance music network online; Opposition, the biggest hip hop network on YouTube; and Windfall, a strategic alliance with music rights management giant BMG to accelerate growth for a new generation of music artists.

We’ve also developed some of the most advanced and innovative technologies in the online video space and are here to help creators of all sizes improve their channel quality and reach new audiences.  No matter where you are in the game – whether you have a thousand subscribers or a million – we’ve got you covered.

Our network reaches across the globe and continues to grow at a blinding speed. Are you interested in becoming  a part of our creator community?


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