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Below, AbdallahSmash shares what PAX East means to him as a YouTube gamer.



If you haven’t been to a gaming convention before, PAX is definitely the place to be.

Back in 2014, I’ve heard of PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo, through a bunch of friends.  After looking into it, I noticed that such a huge gaming convention has been taking place for several years right under my nose!  I surveyed my YouTube Audience and it turned out that a lot of them were making the trip out to the convention as well!  I was able to make an update video on my channel and, in no time, I was on my way to meet everyone!  As a YouTube Gamer, PAX is an important convention to go to because of the ability to meet your fans, gain new contacts, and record content for your channel.

One of the most important parts of keeping up a YouTube Channel is having the ability to reach out to your fans.  Without your fans, you wouldn’t be standing where you are in your YouTube Gaming career.  As a fan, having the ability to meet a YouTuber that you watch is just like meeting a celebrity!  Fans love the interaction, especially if you brought business cards to autograph and hand out. If you’re able to take a selfie with a fan that introduces yourself and then later share it on social media, you’ll be able to instill a sense of hope that other fans may be able to meet you in the future!  Giving back to your fans is priority number one!

abdallahWhen it comes to the business aspect of PAX, it’s truly important to make face time with as many contacts as possible.  Depending on what type of gamer you are, there are so many developers that attend PAX, that the odds of you meeting up with a member of a development team are very high.  Reach out to their marketing/PR agents on site and introduce yourself!  Often times, you can obtain a business card from them in order to follow up and collaborate with in the near future, once the dust from PAX has settled.  Other than developers, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet up with other YouTubers as well!  Many YouTubers post updates on their whereabouts throughout the convention, so try to meet up and have a conversation!

As far as content goes, there are so many different videos that can be made out of your trip!  You audience would totally love a PAX Event Vlog, where you can use a bunch of b-roll footage that you recorded from the event, while narrating over it.  These types of videos do well because not everyone is able to attend the convention, let alone fly outside of their state.  Find creative ways of recording events, such as Tournament Play or even interviews.  Plus, all of the coverage that you make and post on your YouTube channel will better the odds of obtaining that Content Creator Badge for next PAX!

Overall, if you haven’t attended an event like this, and you have the monetary means to travel, it’s totally worth it!  You’ll be able to meet your fans, introduce yourself to new contacts, and if you brought a camera, you’ll be able to record a ton of great footage for your viewers to watch.  I haven’t missed a single U.S. PAX since PAX East 2014 and I am still looking forward to the next one.  If you do make it out to one, be sure to come prepared with all your recording gear, business cards, and try your best to adhere to a schedule during your stay!

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Abdallah Smash is Headed to PAX – BBTV @ PAX East

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