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Are you a fan of Melanie Murphy? Well you will be in no time! As a top lifestyle YouTuber and your next ‘virtual best friend’ from Dublin, Ireland, she’s reached almost fifty million people with her videos on self-care, body confidence, hobbies and happiness, all from her bedroom.

Recently, Blogosphere Magazine awarded Melanie Murphy with the coveted “Influencer of the Year” title and she’ll be gracing the cover of their September issue – a feat that continues to amaze her (“STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT!”). As a member of the #BBTVfam, it’s an understatement to state how proud we are of her growth throughout the years. In celebration, we asked Melanie “Influencer of the Year” Murphy some questions of her recent award, life, and what’s next for her. Check out the Q&A with Melanie below:


Your content has slowly transformed over the years – it’s become much more about inner happiness and positivity. Was this is a strategic decision or a natural transition?

I feel that my content has grown as I’ve grown…I started YouTube in my early twenties, feeling pretty insecure and lost, and I just wanted to be involved! I wanted to find confidence in making videos. And when I found it, it’s like I bloomed and began to peel back layers. I became a lot more brave and open and raw about who I am, because that made it more enjoyable for me and enabled me to connect more with my viewers. Early in the game I very easily could have gone “okay, these makeup tutorials do super well, I’m going to make that my focus” but that would have been so very boring for me, so it was never strategic to branch out in terms of diversifying the topics I cover. If anything, it was a big risk! I worried I’d lose my audience. I did lose some people, but I gained others – people who are there for what I’m all about and I love that!


What do you want your viewers to take away from your videos? 

To be more curious, more grateful, more present, more self confident and more excited about life!


Why do you think it’s important for influential YouTubers to address uncomfortable subjects like sexuality, politics, etc.?

For me anyway, it’s important because YouTube has BECOME mainstream…growing up, I’d see those things discussed in magazines and on T.V, but now young people tune in to the internet and to YouTube so if we can teach while entertaining it can only be a good thing! Schools don’t cover these subjects enough, at all. And talking about it on YouTube provides a forum where people can anonymously get stuff off their chests as a side effect, it is wonderful!


What is your favorite video on YouTube? And why?

This changes every day as I LOVE watching stuff, but it has got to be “Do what you can’t” by Casey Neistat, it always re-motivates me.


With your new influencer of the year title, what do you hope to conquer or accomplish this year? 

I just want to keep doing what I’m doing as obviously it is being well received and recognised…I don’t particularly want to change anything other than to do MORE! More videos, reach more people, write more, create more, branch out more…the award has really inspired me to reach my full potential 🙂


Who is the most influential person in your life (family, friend, or celebrity)?

Currently I’m being very positively influenced by my partner! He’s got nothing to do with the internet world but he has an incredible work ethic and it’s so important to have hard working people around you to push you to work even harder.


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6 Questions with Melanie Murphy

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