For years now we’ve seen online video – and YouTube in particular – take an increasingly important role in the worlds of marketing and brand awareness. There’s more shiny gadgets around, more distractions, and when it comes down to it there are just more places for our eyes to go instead of where the traditional ads are – and more and more, the eyes are going to YouTube. We’ve written plenty about why placing your ad dollars into YouTube Marketing and on the stars of online video is a lucrative move, but for those of you who prefer a more new-aged approach, here it is:


Advertisers used to worry that viewers would walk away during the commercials – those fears are evolving.


Unless these transit riders are watching videos of the Motor Show, that billboard ad probably failed.


Fancy storefront in Tokyo? Hope you saved some money for online ads.


You can’t take cable TV to the toilet.


Who would’ve expected that your kids would be procrastinating their TV watching?


Television and other traditional media have not even come close to losing all their mojo in swaying consumer decisions. But it is evident – not only through statistics but also through our daily interactions – that humans in tech-hungry countries have diverted their attention ever so slightly from TV screens and billboards to laptops and mobile phones. When brands consider the logic of adding YouTube advertising and other online media to their marketing mix, all they have to do is look out the window at the passersby; no longer are heads held high at billboards – they’re tilted down at phones.

5 Images that Prove Brands need YouTube Marketing in the Mix

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