Creator Spotlight

With Halloween just weeks away, October is the perfect month for a ghost story or two. No one’s doing it better on YouTube than this week’s In The Limelight The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. Who is Sunshine Girl?  She’s a quirky teen played perfectly by Paige McKenzie who shortly after her 16th birthday, moves with […]

What's Trending

Music today It’s not just about creating a great beat, it’s about creating a brand. Getting people plugged into your music, subscribing and sharing. There’s no better way to access your audience today than YouTube. We discussed a few weeks back how YouTube is re-shaping the music industry and how big players are listening up. […]

YouTube Tips

Something every creator can relate to on YouTube is how hard it can be getting your channel off the ground, and getting viewers plugged into your uploads. The moment a video starts going viral is like winning the lottery, but before there’s time to scream out JACKPOT, the reality dawns – now that I’ve got […]