Do you create AMAZING videos, but it seems like nobody ever sees them? It’s probably because your videos are not optimized to their fullest potential! When people are searching for videos on YouTube, optimizing keywords can help your content rank higher and more accurately.   So how can you optimize your keywords?   The […]

BBTV Tips- Comments

  Just how useful are comments for your videos? Besides showing viewers that your videos drive engagement, comments also add to the metadata for your videos, and can help improve how well you rank in search results! What You Can Do: Post a question in the comments section as soon as you post your video. […]


  An important, often overlooked, metric on YouTube is whether your videos are the reason why audiences are coming to YouTube in the first place – whether you’re the one starting their watch sessions. Why does it matter? YouTube features videos and channels that frequently start sessions in Suggested Videos. As we’ve previously discussed, the […]


What’s the best way of figuring out whether fans are really digging what you’re creating? View counts, comments, and the thumbs up to down counter can give you a solid snapchat on how you’re performing, but if you really want to deep-dive into what’s working it’s time to get into your analytics – more specifically […]